It’s a Thing of Beauty – Hand Thrown Fermentation Crock

I’ve been on a health kick lately and learning more about the paleo diet and fermentation.  I know not exactly in the same vein.  But I like to learn about lots of stuff.

I was doing what I always do on Saturday mornings, learning more about food and all things food related.  This Saturday morning was no different except I was flipping through a book instead of starting on my computer.  I recently ordered a new book from Amazon:  The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from around the World by Sandor Ellix Katz and Michael Pollan

This book is the bible of fermentation.  A lot of information and I am hooked on learning more about fermentation.  But where to start.   In the middle of the book are beautiful photos and I hit one that caught my eye.  It was a photo of a fermentation crock made by a local potter in Berkeley, Sarah Kersten of Counter Culture Pottery.  These crocks are stunning!

Counter Culture Pottery
Counter Culture Pottery Fermentation Crock (photo Counter Culture Pottery)

This one is a Handcrafted Water-Seal Vegetable Fermentation Crock crafted for regular home use.  It is handmade on the wheel by Sarah who makes homemade fermented foods herself.   This crock has an unusual lid design that has its origins in ancient China.  You can read more about Sarah’s crocks on her website at Counter Culture Pottery.

I saw on her site that she just put 5 new crocks on her Etsy store so I wandered over to Etsy to check it out.  Only one left so I moved fast as it was the last one left at least for now.

Counter Culture Pottery Fermentation Crock
My New Fermentation Crock

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I am thrilled my new crock will arrive this week and I can now start exploring fermentation and the wonderful world of kim chi and sauerkraut and making these very healthy products in my lovely Counter Culture Pottery crock.

Fermentation Crock
It’s a thing of beauty

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