April 2, 2019 – Hulled barley, tangelos, chickpeas, smoked salmon, lentils and sardines. Quite the day!

Perfect day, wonderfully healthy. Winning back my health

Breakfast: Hulled Barley, almond milk, ground chia seeds, ground hemp seeds and tangelos

Lunch: Chipotle chickpeas, smoked salmon, salsa(s) on corn tortillas

Dinner: Lentil soup and sardine, roasted russet potato, corn, cornichons, red onion with dijon, balsamic, agave dressing salad. Yes this was an odd one, I started creating the salad and this came out. Really delicious.

  • hulled barley with almond milk, chia seeds and tangelos
  • Corn tortillas with smoked salmon, chipotle chickpeas, salsa and Sriracha crema
  • Lentil soup with brown lentils, carrots, onions, celery and Penzeys Foxpoint Seasoning
  • Nutpod Pumpkin Spice Creamer in Coffee
  • Potato, sardine, corn, red onion salad with dijon, agave, balsamic dressing in corn/spinach hard taco shells

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