April 4, 2019 – Healthy home fries, purple grits and barley. These home fries are the bomb and no oil involved. Eat grits and home fries and feel Mo Betta!

Perfect day, wonderfully healthy. Winning back my health

Awesome day, finishing with an awesome dinner: Anson Mills Blue Grits. I love this stuff.

Anson Mills grows and mills one of the most diverse collections of heirloom grains in America. I adore their grits and especially the Blue Grits. Native Americans and European settlers grew corn in every color of the rainbow, and those colors had deep meaning as well as distinct, diverse flavors and aromas. The corn for Anson Mills Native Coarse Blue Corn Grits belongs to the Cherokee Nation in the mountains of the Carolinas. Slow-cooked grits made from this fresh new crop blue corn have the fragrance and taste of mountain terroir and sweet corn, with intriguing background notes of chestnuts. This stuff rocks!

I simmered and whisked 1/3 cup of grits and added water and whisked and simmered some more. Probably 90 minutes to cook these on a low flame. Once they were cooked I whisked in 1/2 tbl of vegan butter and 1 tbl nutritional yeast. Rocks.

I topped the grits with bok choy that were simmered with sauteed shallots and Better Than Boullion Veg. Base. I whisked in some dijon mustard to pull it all together.


Breakfast: Hulled Barley, almond milk, ground chia seeds, ground hemp seeds and tangelos

Lunch: Oven backed “home fries” sauteed with onions, red pepper and sun dried tomatoes. Topped with pine nut chipotle sauce and a side of asparagus. So easy to make.

Dinner: Anson Mills Native Blue Corn Grits topped with braised bok choy. 1/3 cup grits, water, 1/2 tbl vegan butter, 1 tbl Nutritional yeast. For the bok choy, I added 1 tbl of dijon to finish

  • Barley, ground chia seeds, ground hemp seeds, almond milk, raw almonds, tangelos and almond milk.
  • Anson Mills Blue Corn Grits with braised bok choy!

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