April 9, 2019 – Kamut, green curry, bok choy, barley, red cabbage, ole wraps… Eating healthy and feeling Mo better

Perfect day, wonderfully healthy. Winning back my health

Breakfast today was something new, I had kamut as my breakfast cereal.
It’s also called Khorasan wheat or Pharaoh grain, owing to the fact that grains were discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs. It’s healthier than conventional wheat and has about 30% more protein than wheat, and more fatty acids. Its chewy with a nice toothsome texture and nutty, rich flavor. This makes a great breakfast cereal. I cooked a batch in the IP yesterday and put in the fridge so breakfast preparation would be fast and easy. Water to kamut ratio was 3:1 and it took about 12 minutes to cook in the IP.

Lunch was also leftovers except I added chickpeas to the red cabbage slaw along with nutritional yeast.

2nds on yesterdays dinner: purple sweet potato, chickpea, bok choy green curry. A Thai curry with unusual ingredients. So easy and full of flavor. Even better today as the flavors melded.


Breakfast: Kamut simmered in almond milk, mixed with ground chia and hemp seeds, topped with tangelos, applesauce and reduced balsamic.

Lunch: Potato, leek, onion, bok choy soup with a bone broth base. Red cabbage slaw with beets, red onion, tangelos, chickpeas and a coconut infused balsamic dressing, made with horseradish mustard with smoked salmon and coconut infused balsamic from my favorite shop in Campbell, The Olive Bar

Dinner: Japanese purple sweet potato, chickpea, shallot, bok choy green curry over basmati rice with a side of asparagus and an Ole tomato basil wrap. I was still a bit hungry so I made an Ole wrap filled with asparagus, mustard and a mango salsa. Very tasty.

  • kamut simmered in almond milk mixed with ground chia and ground hemp seeds topped with applesauce, reduced balsamic and tangelos
  • Coconut Infused Balsamic
  • Red Cabbage Slaw with chickpeas, beets, red onions, nutritional yeast with an agave balsamic dressing topped with tangelos. Potato leek and bok choy soup.
  • Purple sweet potato, shallot, bok choy green curry over basmati rice with a side of asparagus and an Ole Tomato Basil wrap
  • Ole tomato basil wrap filled with asparagus and dijon mustard and mango sauce
  • Nutpod Pumpkin Spice Creamer in Coffee