April 20, 2019 – Today another feast, breakfast hash, corn soup and more

Perfect day, wonderfully healthy. Winning back my health

I am loving the photo food journal that I am doing. So great to have a visual of what I am eating!

I canceled my Weight Watchers membership and am switching to Myfitnesspal, so I am double recording to make the transition to a new way of looking at food. This is fun. Today it was all about vegetables, starting with breakfast hash followed with leftover corn, coconut milk and broccoli soup and cocoa pinto beans for lunch. It is a totally different way of looking at food. No more points, now calories and nutritional breakdown. I like it! Under 1000 calories for all this yummy goodness.


Breakfast: Chickpea, potato, red pepper, white onion, soy chorizo hash

Lunch: Corn, broccoli, shallot, coconut milk soup seasoned with Penzeys fine herbs. Cocoa pinto beans (1 cup dried pinto beans, 1 cup of organic diced tomatoes, 2 cups water, 1 diced onion, taco seasoning, 1 clove garlic, ground cumin, 4 tbl cocoa powder). Saute onions and garlic in IP until caramelized. Add dried beans, tomatoes, water and seasonings. Cook for 40 in the IP. That’s it. Easy peasy.

Dinner: Roasted butternut squash and asparagus risotto. Make the risotto with chicken stock and water (I cooked 1/4 cup arborio rice). I added Penzeys Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle to the risotto for a yummy flavor. To finish whisk in 1/2 tbl Miyoko’s vegan butter and 1 tbl nutritional yeast. Topped with 1 tsp of oil free basil pesto. Healthy, easy and under 300 calories oer serving.

  • Potato, chickpea hash with onions, red peppers and soy chorizo
  • Corn Coconut Milk Broccoli shallot soup
  • Pinto beans cooked with organic diced tomatoes, taco seasoning, ground cumin and cocoa powder topped with salsa and sour cream
  • Butternut squash and asparagus risotto finished with Penzeys Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle, Miyokos Vegan Butter and Nutritional Yeast and No Oil Basil Pesto
  • Penzeys Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle
  • Ingredients in Penzeys Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle