April 28, 2019 – It’s all about yummy: baked potato with mint/cilantro sauce, California omelette and tacos

Perfect day, wonderfully healthy. Winning back my health

Today it was about a baked potato for breakfast topped with mint/cilantro sauce, tomatoes and pico

Lunch with a friend and a beautiful omelette.

I was naughty and had wonderful homemade cookies this afternoon so I had to get on my exercise bike and ride for 90 minutes and have a light dinner while watching Game of Thrones: tacos.


Breakfast: Baked potato with mint/cilantro sauce, tomatoes and pico de gallo.

Lunch: California Omelette with cheese, avocado and sour cream. Buttered English Muffin.

Naughty snack: snickerdoodle sandwich filled with caramel and small puff pastries filled with a lemon filling.

Dinner: I made cocoa, chili black beans and a side of pineapple,cucumber, tomato, onion pico. 90 minutes on the treadmill.