June 16, 2019 – It’s all about yummy: Freekeh, bacon chocolate muffin, creamy tomato pasta and more

Perfect day, wonderfully healthy. Winning back my health. A new one for me: Freekeh for breakfast. I was naughty and had a bacon chocolate muffin at the Center so my dinner was only vegetables. Lunch creamy tomato pasta

Breakfast: Freekeh

Lunch : Creamy tomato pasta

Dinner: Corn on the cob, 1 tomato, 1/2 cucumber

Snack: Bacon, chocolate muffin


Breakfast: Freekeh simmered in cashew milk (seasoned with cardamom, maple syrup and salt) with peanut butter, mango and raw almonds

Snack: Chocolate and bacon muffin (naughty girl)

Lunch: Creamy tomato sauce (with red pepper and onions) over Banza rotini pasta (made from chickpeas)

Dinner: Corn on the cob with tomato and cucumber