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Bodacious Grub and Lose Weight! Yes it is possible.

Bodacious Grub was started by Sandy. I’m a foodie, photographer, explorer, avid reader and music lover.   I believe in being Bodacious, living life to its fullest, without restrictions as one only goes around once.  So live life to its fullest and be bodacious in everything that I do.  It could be in the kitchen, out exploring the neighborhood, playing my drum, reading a great book, spending time with friends and just laughing and having fun.

Of late, I am on a mission to lose weight and have been on Weight Watchers since Jan 2018 and have lost 60 pounds so far, in a way that is healthy, takes advantage of seasonal foods, is budget conscious and delicious.  I am really into whole foods plant based these days with a tiny amount of fish, chicken, eggs and no dairy or wheat.  I make my own cashew milk for coffee, buy vegan cheese and do it all on a budget. I’ll write about some budget conscious ways to shop and cook.  Call it healthy tips for eating on a budget.

I am Bodacious when I cook, I like to use unusual ingredients and mix them up. I like to dial up the spices to the max!  I may add peruvian spices to a traditional American dish, like chili.  It’s fun, it’s bodacious.  I also like to take photographs, sometimes of food, sometimes photographs of life.

What is Bodacious Grub all about when it comes to food?  It’s about being Bodacious (outstanding in a showy way, blatant), bold and splendid with Bodacious Grub (food for the body, soul and mind). In this blog, you will find food recipes, cool restaurants and places that I find and want to share, cookbooks that rock and perhaps a photo or two of things I like, things that are Bodacious.

At BodaciousGrub I want to provide recipes for dishes that provide you nutrients you need for energy, nourishment for your body and  mental stimulus with things that stimulate your soul and give you “food for thought”:  whether it is in the form of bodacious recipes (providing nourishment for the body), interesting photography (nourishment for the soul),  interesting quote or just stories (nourishment for the mind). 

It’s all about GRUB for the body, soul and mind and it will be BODACIOUS!

Ideas? Questions? Suggestions?  I would love to hear them:bodaciousgrub@gmail.com


All recipes are on Petitchef

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