Bodacious Comfort Foods

 Bodacious Duroc Pork and Apple Stew Duroc Pork and Fuji Apple Stew – Bodacious Food for Cool Fall Evenings  – November 27, 2012
I love the fall and fall weather. Warm days and cool fall nights beg for food that is comforting and warming for the body and soul. Lately the evenings have been particularly cool, perhaps I am not used to the cool weather yet. I went out to find some meat to prepare a comforting, soul soothing fall meal. I happened up locally raised, Napa Milk-Fed Duroc pork (in many cuts) that I thought would fit the bill perfectly and make for a special treat. But what is so special about Duroc pork and Duroc pigs.
 blackjaponicafinishedopt Bodacious Black Rice – October 1, 2012
Today I was in the mood to make something with Black Japonica Rice and so I fixed a Bodacious Rice Bowl with this unusual variety of rice.I had picked it up at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco and thought today was the day to try it out.Black Japonica Rice is a mix of Asian black short-grain rice and medium-grain mahogany rice that were grown together in the same field. When cooked it has a nutty mushroom flavor coupled with a subtle, sweet spiciness and crunchy, chewy texture that goes well as a side dish, in rice salads or in stir-fried foods or simply on it’s own.

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