Bodacious Fish

 misoblackcodfeaturedimage Sablefish with Japanese Influence – Dec 5, 2012
Lunch for the day was broiled miso black cod accompanied by a daikon, cucumber, red onion salad dressed with a ponzu, ginger dressing.I had picked up black cod at the market yesterday and was looking forward to eating this delicate lovely fish that was marinated with miso, sake and mirin for about 4 hours. The recipes for miso marinade vary but usually call for miso, sugar, ginger and rice wine stirred together. Some people marinate salmon, ahi and aku in this mixture, but the favorite is black cod, also known as sablefish.
 sashimisweetpotatosmallfeaturedimage Waking Up the Palette with Sashimi, Sweet Potato Greens and Ponzu– Dec 3, 2012
I have at times been at a loss trying to find ways to make the food really appetizing and flavorful and yet low calorie. I’ve done sous vide chicken to implode the flavors into the meat. I’ve braised the veg and the food adding lots of fresh herbs. I’ve done miso soup, I’ve cooked potato greens, I eat baby bok choy almost daily. But I wanted something really interesting with lots of peppery vibrancy that was healthy and interesting.
 peashootoptfeaturedimage Bodacious Fresh Sablefish with Tender Pea Shoots – Dec 1, 2012
I went to the farmers market.  The heavens opened and the rain came pouring down. I huddled under my umbrella and looked at all the beautiful offerings. A lot caught my eye including fresh chickens (slaughtered yesterday), heirloom variety hard squash, pea shoots and lovely fish. I wanted something for lunch so I picked up some gorgeous sablefish also known as black cod and pea shoots.

All recipes are on Petitchef

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