Bodacious Soups

Spanish Influenced Split Pea and Pigs' Trotters Soup Spanish Influenced Split Pea Pig Trotter Soup – August 20, 2013
It was a nice summer day in California and I wanted to cook something interesting with some Duroc pigs’ feet that I had in the fridge. Duroc pork is an heritage variety of pork. I was talking
 thaicurrysoup1 ประเสริฐ (Sublime)Thai Influenced Blue Hubbard Squash Soup – April 17, 2013
I adore winter squash and especially Blue Hubbard squash and Kuri squash. These two varieties of winter squash are really sweet.  They keep for a long time (I keep mine in the basement) so when I want to rustle up a comforting soup I have one on hand. I wanted to have a super comforting soup on this particular day and opted to go for a Thai influenced squash soup made with Blue Hubbard Squash.  Oh yes it had coconut cream in it, rich and decadent and brimming with flavor.
 nettlesoup Seductively Creamy Stinging Nettle Soup – Bodaciously Healthy – April 14, 2013
The wonder plant, stinging nettles, the plant that is good for – almost everything that ails you; it provides a cure for arthritis, it’s an herbal treatment for allergies, relieves hair loss, treats Celiac disease, bleeding, bladder infections, skin complaints, neurological disorders and a long list of other conditions.
It grows wild across the U.S and is highly nutritious.  But beware, one must handle the leaves with care as they sting.
 asparagussoup The Sweet Taste of Spring – Asparagus/Leek Soup   – April 13, 2013
I love spring, it’s the start of the new growing season (at least it is in Canada).   In California, it’s the season of green garlic, tender asparagus, and young leeks.  Fresh and beautiful food appears at the farmer’s market every week.  This week I went to the market and picked up some lovely asparagus, green garlic and leeks and they spoke to me, spoke to me of a fresh asparagus soup.  So that is what I decided to make.  Garnished with fresh lovely borage flowers.  Lovely, fresh green colors and flavor.
 caldoverdesmall Classic Portuguese Soup – Caldo Verde – Green Soup  – April 13, 2013
I’m always on the hunt for interesting purveyors of fine food in San Jose. On this particular day I wanted to check out Goulart Sausage Co., artisan producers of Portugese Sausage Products & Home Style Linguiça. Linguiça (Portuguese pronunciation: [lĩˈɡwisɐ]) is a form of smoked cured pork sausage seasoned with garlic and paprika in Portuguese-speaking countries. Goulart has been making what some consider to be the finest Linguiça in the valley, Silicon Valley. I read the Yelp reviews and wanted to check them out myself.They have a small shop and all products are crafted on the premises. My reason for going was to secure the Linguiça as I was planning on making the famous soup of Portugal, Caldo Verde, Linguiça, Kale and Potato Soup.
 bluehubbardsquashsoup Blue Hubbard Squash Soup  – December 3, 2012
I love farmer’s markets and the beautiful winter squashes that are available in the fall.   I recently found a squash that I just love, the Blue Hubbard Squash. These babies are beautiful, blueish hue on the outside with bright orange flesh.  They are super sweet and make amazing soup as they take on flavors wonderfully.  They used to be very common in the early 20th century as they were one of the few foods that could be counted on to pass through a long winter unspoiled, if  stored properly.  Legend has it that Hubbard squashes came from South America where apparently they have been cultivated for some 4000 years. Stories say that that they were brought to  Massachusetts in the late 1700′s. A woman named Elizabeth Hubbard may have been responsible for spreading and endorsing the seeds.
 grainsofparadise Bodacious Grains of Paradise, Chicken & Lentil Soup  – December 2, 2012
I felt like cooking soup today and had some grains of paradise that I had purchased at Boulette’s Larder at the Ferry Market in San Francisco. Grains of paradise are peppery seeds from the Aframomum melegueta plant. They have been used in their native West Africa for centuries, and in Europe since at least the 800s. Today, they are commonly in used in Northern Africa. Stores which specialize in spices may carry grains of paradise. They can also be ordered through companies which import spices.
 Sweetcornsoup_002 Last Call of Summer – Sweet Corn Chowder – Bodacious Grub Style  – October 11, 2012
So I visited the Santa Clara Farmers Market last weekend and one purveyor was selling sweet corn, end of summer sweet corn, so I jumped on it. But what to do with sweet corn and how to make it bodacious. Well I put my thinking cap on and thought Sweet Corn Chowder. Well you may be thinking, yeah so what, sweet corn chowder, nothing that unusual about that. Here is where it gets perhaps a bit bodacious. I added an unusual spice. Aji Panca.
 lentilsoupgingeropt Luscious Lentil Soup with Young Ginger Shoots – October 5, 2012
I love shopping at farmers’ markets as one always finds unusual fresh produce. Today proved to be one of those days. I scored lots of great produce. The big find was fresh young ginger complete with tender shoots and leaves. Given I hate wasting I thought it might be kind of cool to cook the shoots and leaves, well at least add them as a seasoning to soup.

All recipes are on Petitchef

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